About us

What are Liberis Labs…?
Who we are and what we do

Liberis Labs are the development team at Liberis Business Finance (part of the BC Group).
We exist to create, build and deliver the technology that powers one of the UK's leading business finance providers…
…but we live to write awesome code, use leading edge technology and enjoy life at the front of Nottingham's FinTech revolution.

Who are Liberis…?

…the business friendly finance company. And we believe in helping UK small businesses be successful.

We’re doing our bit to bring a breath of fresh air to the industry, by helping to ensure the hard working SME market thrives by having access to the funds it needs. More than that, we’re doing it in a simple, no nonsense way.

We’ve said goodbye to anything that’s not business friendly, like penalty charges, late fees and fixed monthly payments. Which means you can concentrate on running a successful business.

Who are Blenheim Chalcot…?

Blenheim Chalcot traces its roots back to netdecisions, the internet services group founded in 1998. Back then, we set out to create companies that could transform industry sectors.

We have since built over 40 businesses in a variety of sectors, including IT services and outsourcing, financial services, education, travel, software, sport and media. Today, our companies have sales of over £350m and employ in excess of 3000 people. Working with entrepreneurs and co-founders, we continue to create and build businesses in these sectors, often from the ground up.

We have developed a number of principles that determine the businesses and industries we engage in. We look for high growth, potentially large industry sectors, typically undergoing some market, technology or regulatory discontinuity, where we can build scalable platforms that satisfy a significant customer need, resulting in strong and sustainable margins.

We also have a proven approach to developing companies and their teams. We think of them as our building blocks of successful growth companies, combining agile strategy, disciplined governance, processes and financial management, all underpinned by agile leaders and teams.

In order to support our businesses, particularly in their earlier stages of growth and as they scale, Blenheim Chalcot also provides a range of Venture Builder services, covering technology, marketing and sales, talent acquisition management, talent development, community, recruitment, accounting, legal and property. This combination of great teams, a supportive environment and continual innovation helps us create established leaders in their fields.

great session with @Fur_bi on machine learning with microft azure #datainnovators, don't be haters, laters....

Awesome talk on @NServiceBus from our very own @kev_bite at .NET Manchester this evening!

Morning planing within the labs!

Dont you wish that @mtproj & @mongodb would just get along? Well now they do thanks to this handy package https://github.com/LiberisLabs/MassTransit.MongoDb …. Check it!

About 3 days ago

We keep it simple

Simple is very hard to achieve, but through rigorous separation of concerns, a gazillion micro-services each focused on their own jobs, and 100% test coverage across all our units and systems, simple is what what we get.


We're pretty open

Some of the stuff we do is secret, but a lot isn't. Just as we pull from the Open Source Community to build our systems, we like to share the awesome stuff we do, expecially when we are building sweet services around other people's software. Sharing is Caring.


We build awesome

Awesome is the default setting at Liberis Labs and nothing less is expected. This is reflected in the code we write, the applications we create, the team lunches we enjoy or the banter.

Liberis Labs is the technology behind Liberis, so we can't and won't comment on the products or practices of the main business, but it would be irresponsible of us not to mention a little bit about responsible lending.

Our commitment

We are committed to lending in a responsible way, because in short, it’s the right thing to do. As the customer is at the heart of what we do, we’ve designed our products to be as transparent as possible to help them make informed choices. We’re always at hand to answer any questions (and put anything needed in writing too). Whilst the Business Cash Advance industry is not currently regulated, we take our responsibilities as a financial lender very seriously.
If you have any questions about the products provided by Liberis, please visit liberis.co.uk