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At Liberis Labs we are building a cutting edge ecosystem that enables small businesses to gain easy access to finance…

Powering Small Business

As the technological engine behind Liberis, Liberis Labs is a group of the Midlands' top developers using the world's leading technology to create the industry's leading small business lending platform.

great session with @Fur_bi on machine learning with microft azure #datainnovators, don't be haters, laters....

Awesome talk on @NServiceBus from our very own @kev_bite at .NET Manchester this evening!

Morning planing within the labs!

Dont you wish that @mtproj & @mongodb would just get along? Well now they do thanks to this handy package …. Check it!

About 3 days ago

We keep it simple

Simple is very hard to achieve, but through rigorous separation of concerns, a gazillion micro-services each focused on their own jobs, and 100% test coverage across all our units and systems, simple is what what we get.


We're pretty open

Some of the stuff we do is secret, but a lot isn't. Just as we pull from the Open Source Community to build our systems, we like to share the awesome stuff we do, expecially when we are building sweet services around other people's software. Sharing is Caring.


We build awesome

Awesome is the default setting at Liberis Labs and nothing less is expected. This is reflected in the code we write, the applications we create, the team lunches we enjoy or the banter.

What's going down in our blog

Sharing Large Messages Between Your Services with MassTransit and MongoDb

Publishing messages with large payloads can clog up your message transport. We explain how we can store large messages in MongoDb when using MassTransit to overcome this problem.

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Publishing data with OData feeds

How to publish readonly data sources with OData

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